Are Humans Considered Animals?

I was emptying the bins last week and doing some recycling with the different coloured bins as you do. Then came back into the house to wash my hands, when suddenly a large gigantic black, white and grey cat jumped out of the middle of nowhere and hid under a car. I then thought to myself what happened to the ‘meow’ and literally started singing ‘meow’, ‘meow’, ‘meow’, before going inside to wash my hands with soap, detergent and antiseptic gel. It really got me thinking though, what really is the difference between human beings and animals! Are humans social animals…..absolutely yes! Just look at Facebook and all the other social media networks!!!

How Many Animal Noises Sound Like Words?

‘O MacDonald had a farm e-i-e-i-o, and on that farm he had some cows, e-i-e-i-o, with a ‘moo moo’ here, and a ‘moo moo’ there, here a ‘moo’ there a moo’, everywhere a ‘moo moo’. O MacDonald had a farm e-i-e-i-o. Let’s not forget about the ‘oink oink’ for the pigs, ‘cluck cluck’ for the chickens, ‘quack quack’ for the ducks and ‘baa baa’ for the sheep. I’ve definitely been called some of those in my life time by friends, relatives, neighbours and strangers! Let’s not even go back into the past to school days with the ‘woofs’, ‘neighs’, ‘hee-haws’, ‘growls’, ‘croaks’, ‘squeaks’, ‘hisses’ etc etc.

The best animal noise ever in my opinion, is when you wake up in the morning and can hear the birds singing sweetly in the trees. The songs of the nightingales. I’m sure that they sing better than some humans do!  Click here!

What Spiritual Animal Are You?

Over Christmas i watched the academy award best animated feature film ‘Coco’. Basically it’s about a young boy who dreams to become a musician like his idol. His family are against his dream and the adventure thus begins when the boy steals a guitar of a dead musician and is transported into the dimension of the dead on the other side! It’s a really sweet film that unlocks the real story behind his family’s history. So it’s on the other side that the boy sees all sorts of spiritual animals.

Don’t get me started with the ‘Power Rangers’ film as well. What were their names again? Wasn’t there one called Lunar Wolf Ranger, Wild Force…..whatever!

The ‘Twilight’ films were quite interesting from 2008-2011 with Robert Pattison, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

Apparently because we all have a birthday, we have ‘spirit animals’ by birthday. I’m not really interested that much in astrological science, but saying that i do enjoy looking up at the sky at night time and seeing the stars twinkling ever so brightly.

If interested in the zodiac take a look at:-

How to Find Your Spirit Animal by Birthday

I was just looking at the Chinese horoscope and 2021 is suppose to be the year of the metal Ox. Whatever that means!!!

Why Are Humans Different From Animals?

Years ago when i was doing outdoor jobs involving fundraising for charities, there was one animal charity for dogs and cats, which was quite adorable. The one thing that was really shocking though was the way some humans were treating the animals, let alone one another.

Humans naturally reason logically and rationally while animals are completely driven by instincts. Other differences include the following:-

  • Humans live on the planet for years especially with the invention of science. Animals become endangered and extinct in their natural habitat.
  • Humans are mentally advanced and very curious of their environment for survival. Animals have to adapt to their environment or die.
  • Humans communicate in different languages whereas animals can only communicate basically.
  • Humans are bipedal, walk with two legs upright. Animals are quadrupedal, most of them walking on four legs.
  • Humans digestive system is monogastric while animals chew the cud having a ruminant digestive system.
  • Humans express emotions and think critically with mental abilities. Animals can’t express their emotions as such.
  • Humans have a brain with a complex nervous system. Most animals, except the dolphin, have a much smaller brain.
  • Humans are omnivores(plant and meat eaters). Animals are herbivores(plant eaters) and/or carnivores(meat eaters).
  • Humans are homosapiens. Animals are either mammalia, vertebratas, felis catus(cats), aves(birds), equal caballus(horses) or canisters lupus familiaris(dogs).

Who Is Who?

Who knows what animal Jesus was refering to in Matthew 10:31? Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many…………”  The answer is SPARROWS.

Snakes tempt the innocent and try to deceive good hearts. So which creature tempted Adam and Eve to eat fruit from the Tree of Knowledge? The SERPENT, whom God cursed to crawl on its belly forever.

The BEAR in 1 Samuel 17:34-36 of the Bible was one of the animals that King David killed and told King Saul about. King David also killed a LION.

In John 10:27 it reads, Therefore Jesus said again, “Very truly i tell you, I am the gate for the SHEEP”.

What animal saved it’s master from the angel of God? The answer is A DONKEY.

This animal made a disciple of Jesus aware of his sin. A ROOSTER.

Which animals fed Elijah the prophet during the famine. Was it DOGS, was it DOVES, was it RAVENS or was it GOATS? The correct answer is RAVENS.

A few interpretations of animal representations and symbolisms; Jesus Christ represents the LAMB – innocence, purity, vulnerability. 

The Holy Spirit represents the DOVE – purity, peace.

The devil represents the DRAGON – powers of darkness.


We all matter to God. Since He feeds the birds, then surely He can answer when we pray to Him. So just as the birds praise God in song, so should we as His creation.

Enjoy the poem  ~•SPIRITUAL TO PHYSICAL•~

Spiritual to physical, invisible to visible, God created all

Emptiness to fullness, when there was darkness, God in awesomeness

Separation of dark from light, water from water, day from night, faith from worldly sight

Heavenly to earthly, justly to manly, and animal, God created all,

Emptiness to fullness, when there was darkness, God in awesomeness

Separation of vegetates appears, of all the various kinds, plants, trees, seed fruits to bear, seasons, days and years

Dimensions, constellations, salvation, revelation, God created all.


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